Nothing is more beautiful than a glass of wine… except maybe two. As fine wine lovers, we believe that good wine can enrich everyday moments. And thus, we have made it our passion to continuously look for the next new win or the most special vintage. Our list honors wineries, regions and vintages from all around the world. 

Search and Find

When it comes to sourcing fine wines, we believe that no place is too far, no vintage too old. Whether you’re looking for a classical wine from the well-known regions or would like to try something new from an upcoming winery: we make sure to deliver. 

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Wine list Advice

Because of our Michelin-starred hospitality background, we understand what makes a great wine and a great service. Our team has supplied some of Europe’s finest restaurants with the wines they serve every day. As such, we can design a wine list for you that fully reflects your taste, needs and desires. Let yourself be surprised. 

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As yacht wine suppliers, we specialize in logistics and service. Our carefully curated wine list consists out of premium wines and drinks that are much appreciated by yacht owners and their guests. Of course, we also offer a more personalized service. If you’re looking for a particular wine, we’ll make sure to find it for you and get it to you straight away and tax-free. 

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Investment Management

Are you looking for a stable investment you can count on? Fine wine happens to be one of the best performing assets, with an average compound annual growth rate of 10%. Due to its increasing demand and limited supply, fine wine might be your smartest investment yet. Thanks to our experience, industry knowledge and passion for wine, we keep you fully informed on the market, while protecting your assets. 

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Cellar Management

Few things are more enjoyable for a wine enthusiast than a well-stocked home cellar. However, establishing a great cellar requires time and attention. We do not only advise you in sourcing the ultimate cellar, but can also build it for you and make sure that you’re never out of your favourite wines. Our climate-controlled wine storage options will keep your wine in perfect condition for ageing. 

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Boasting several decades of experience in supplying fine wine to restaurants, we know how to develop an extraordinary wine and food pairing. To help you prepare for your party, event or dinner, we can advise and deliver high-end premium wines that are hard to find in stores and will surely impress your guests. 

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