Founders of Impossible Drinks venture on separate paths

Waalwijk, 20-01-2024

After a period of successful collaboration, founders of Impossible Drinks, Marc Kroon and Geert Rutten, have decided to pursue different paths within the exclusive beverage industry. This decision has been made with the aim of individual growth and specialization, while both partners look back with gratitude and pride at what they have achieved together. 

Geert and Marc found common ground in their extensive knowledge and love for wine, and in 2022 they decided to elevate their shared passion to new heights with Impossible Drinks. Their exceptional understanding of luxury, hospitality, and top-notch service, coupled with an extensive network, a passion for the product, dedication to the craft, and the commitment to go above and beyond to fulfill customer requests, formed the pillars that allowed Impossible Drinks to flourish. While the former partners are now pursuing different paths, these pillars remain intact for their individual ventures. 

Marc will fully focus on his company, Marc Kroon Wijn, which was established in 2019 and also specializes in the sale of exclusive wines and beverages. With his experience and passion for the craft, Marc will continue to develop his business and provide customers with the same level of dedication they have come to expect; going the extra mile to ensure high customer satisfaction by offering high-quality wine advice, exclusive beverages, and a unique service. 

Geert will continue his journey with Impossible Drinks, utilizing his expertise to provide customers with exclusive wines and other premium beverages. With a keen eye for quality, Geert will strive to ensure that Impossible Drinks continues to excel and surprise customers with an extensive range of premium beverages. 

Both individuals take pride in their shared accomplishments and at the same time look forward to dedicating themselves fully to their respective ventures. They face their futures with confidence and remain committed to pursuing their individual goals and ambitions. For further inquiries or comments, please contact:

Geert Rutten - Impossible Drinks - 0681302453 -

Marc Kroon - Marc Kroon Wijn - 0610041702 -

End of press release